Pregnant after 35

36 weeks and I have a question?

If I were to start contracting they become constant, so I gotta go into the E.R. if they say I'm going into preterm labor and they wanna stop it. Can I ask to continue with the pregnancy or will they stop it regardless?

Re: 36 weeks and I have a question?

  • At 36 weeks it is doubtful they will stop labour. Most OBs and hospitals will not stop labour after 34/35 weeks. The meds they use are not without side effects. There comes a point in time when the risk of using them outweighs the benefit.
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  • Well, first I would go to labor and Delivery, not ER.  They most likely would send you to Labor and Delivery anyways....but for some reason if they didn't you would want to be in L&D because they are the experts up there.

    At 36 weeks I doubt they would stop your labor, as well.  You may get steriod shots to help lungs along depending on your OB. 
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  • I would go to labor and delivery which is where ER will send you anyways so you might as well save yourself a trip. They usually don't stop labor at 36 wks.
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  • That may depend on your provider or hospital, so I'd ask your provider. I know in my case labor wouldn't have been stopped at 36 weeks.
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