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Sudden pain one year after C-section

I haven't been around in a while and even back when I was actively reading posts everyday I was much of a lurker. I have a question for the c-section mamas. For the past year I haven't experienced much discomfort from my c-section. It has always been tender to the touch and I've had some numbness. Recently however, I've been experiencing a lot of discomfort that last for a short window of time and fade away. I have a pretty high pain threshold but the pain from this makes it difficult to walk and I find myself having difficulty moving for a short period of time. I'm thinking it may have strained that area because I am moving and have been packing a little bit every night but I haven't lifted any unusually heavy boxes. I am planning on setting up a doctors appointment if it continues through next week but I just wanted to see if anyone else has been experiencing the same thing.

Re: Sudden pain one year after C-section

  • I'm a lurker too but having 3 Csections I can tell you I haven't experienced anything like what you describe. I'm guessing you did strain it and I agree you should set up an appointment if it continues.
  • Do you feel any lumps when you press the area? It is entirely possible you have a hernia in the area...or there could be a build up of scar tissue? I wound up with a hernia shortly after my c-section...it wasnt related though.

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  • I was told to massage the area every once in awhile because there can be scar tissue build up???? I don't know... I have not had that experience you speak of either besides the normal 2-3 months PP
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