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Pumping question

I'm exclusively breastfeeding my four week old. I just recently started pumping so I could help increase my supply and to start building up a stash for when I'm comfortable with giving her a bottle. So far I've only been pumping once a day right after she eats (getting about a ounce each time) I'm afraid that if I pump while I'm full, I won't have enough milk for her when she's ready to eat and she's not getting a bottle yet. So I don't want her to be hungry. How often did you ladies pump each day when first pumping while EBF. Also, when did you first introduce a bottle to your baby? Thank you!

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  • I started pumping at 2 wow withDD1. Once a day while on maternity leave. It backfired in my face bc I caused massive oversupply. My body thought baby needed that milk. When I weaned her at 15 months I had 600+ oz in the freezer to donate. I only had given her frozen milk 3x, the rest of that time I pumped fresh milk for when I was at work or away from her.

    So with DD2 I didn't pump unless I was planning to go somewhere. When I returned to work I just did all fresh. I pumped just a little more than she needed so I had 50-10pz in the freezer most of the time but that was it.

    So all that to say if you are producing enough to meet baby's needs then don't feel like you have to create a massive freezer stash bc it can result in oversupply issues.

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  • Due to a variety of reasons (flat nipples, DD didn't want to latch to a nipple shield, low blood sugar issues after birth, then we were both readmitted at 5 days post partum for 2 days and were separated), I've had trouble EBF so supplement by pumping and bottle feeding. We're still working with a lactation consultant and we've made aa bit of progress. But they recommended for me that I pump after I offer the breast at every feeding to keep my supply up. By pumping after offering the breast at each feeding, you'll make sure she's still getting everything she wants but also ensuring you're emptying yourself and stimulating extra milk production because you'd essentially be tricking your body into thinking she needs more milk by pumping after a feeding.
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  • I can understand why you would feel a little defeated, since a single oz. doesn't seem like much. For a four week old getting a full oz. after nursing is actually pretty good supply wise! You should only pump after feeding though, because as one mom has already commented you can cause serious oversupply. There is always milk in your breasts, they actually fill quicker the less full they are, since breastmilk is a supply and demand process.

    Are you returning to work soon? We waited until 5/6 weeks and tried one bottle every other day to make sure he would take it for about a week then stopped after that because I was off until he was 12 weeks and I didn't want to cause nipple confusion. LLLI .org and kellymom.com are great resources and have care sheets for bottle feeding the breastfeeding baby.

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