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Shaky baby?

My daughter is 4 months old and sometimes she shakes. Its not a seizure, I wouldn't be here if it was. Its just something she seems to do. Anyone know why and if its normal?

Re: Shaky baby?

  • pchungpchung member
    Our pediatrician says it's baby' getting use to their body.  If their leg shakes and when you put your hand on it and it stops it is okay.  If it continues to shake our pediatrician says to call.  
  • I can't remember dealing with this and I'm still not dealing with it, but definitely something to look out for. I'd never heard of this happening :S
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  • My little guy shakes (especially his arms) and looks like he is excited. I asked the ped about it and she said if it looks like they're excited then they probably are and it isn't anything to worry about. (Still freaks me out though!)
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