Babies: 3 - 6 Months

Anyone else...

have this problem now or before.

My LO for the past few days has woken up anywhere between 45-70 minutes of going to bed at night. He's tried putting himself to sleep by sucking his thumb but he just gets too worked up and I end up going in to him. I usually cuddle him until he's ca then put him down but he does it all over again. First night it took an hour and he feel asleep in my arms. Second time it took dad about 30 minutes; tonight it took about 10 minutes.

Could this be part of sleep training? Or is this a phase?

Btw, my LO is 20 weeks now.

Re: Anyone else...

  • Well my DD is 6.5 months old and she still does this sometimes. I always wait and see if she escalates, or if she goes back to sleep on her own. Usually 90 min - 2 hours after I've put her down, she wants to be "topped off". I just give her more bottle and she goes right back to sleep. Maybe your LO is hungry?


  • I'm having the same experience as well.
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