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Mission Impossible.

I will apologize beforehand for this being so long but I have never quite embraced the whole "but to make a long story short..." practice lol

My son refuses to use a potty. No tantrums or anything, he just shuts down, gives me this blank stare and ignores me completely. None of the typical advice, tips, tactics, techniques, etc. work at all. When he takes a bath, he likes to pee into a cup while standing and holding the cup with one hand and holding himself and directing with the other, can stop/start his stream at will, but will NOT pee in any of the three potty's we have bought trying to get this process off the ground. One is very plain, basic another is the fancy lightning McQueen kind that converts to a step stool and has a button that plays a "vroooom! VROoooom! VROOOOOOOOOOOM!" When you push it and the other is the kind that goes on our toilet but he won't even sit on that. I honestly believe he is afraid he'll get sucked down the drain where all his "turdy poopy go bye-bye!" (He's terrified of the bathtub drain and won't even use the half of the tub that has the drain. He freaks even when his toys float down there!

Please don't tell me to put a Cheerios in the toilet and have him aim because believe me, I've tried it all. Why does everyone always say that first and swear it worked pretty much the first time?! I've tried with him sitting and standing. I just know that one day, he is just gonna make up his mind to do it and will have it mastered in no time. He is pretty brilliant. He's super advanced for his age as far as his ability to learn, memorize, comprehend, and what-not. (I'm not trying to brag, just providing some background that may change certain opinions.) he can add for Christs sake!! He can read short two and three, even some 4 and a couple 5 or more letter words. I believe he is just being stubborn and sees using a potty as not being a baby anymore and he's just not ready or scared to not be a baby!

Anyone else going through this?

Re: Mission Impossible.

  • He is roughly 2 1/2
  • I'm in the same exact boat! I have no idea what to do.
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    You really have 2 options: either you just wait for him to want to do it because clearly he is ready (whenever that may be) or you put your foot down and you say you're doing this.  It's would for lack of a better word but suck for you but you either do naked time or underwear and say that's it we're done with diapers.  No going outside to play, no watching tv, etc.  Keep a few toys (including his favorites) but take some up.  When he has success he can earn them back.  I've never had to do this approach but I know a friend that did.  She just knew her child was capable and was tired of doing it.  There was a huge power struggle for a few days but if I recall right, it took a week before realization set in to her child.  So you can either deal with power struggles for a week or two or just wait until he wants to do it....
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