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Hi I'm currently pregnant with my third baby,I had a emergency c section 14 yr ago now due to no progress,then had another 3 years ago due to doc allowing me to go 6 hrs in active labour and if no progress again I'd be taken for section which unfortunately I had to do,I so want to try a normal birth has anyone had one after 2 sections?

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  • I haven't but you need to find an ICAN chapter because MANY women have! Check out the national Facebook page!!
  • I was going to ask a similar question about whether anyone had a successful VBAC after a failed VBAC. I got to 4cm with #1 and 6cm with #2. I just can't believe that my body is not capable of vaginally delivering a baby. I was induced both times for being past due. I just wonder if things would have been different if we waited a few more days.

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  • There's a woman in my ican who had a vba3c.
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  • I'm attempting a vba2c this time around. DS1 was born at 42wks by c/s after three failed inductions. I attempted VBAC with DS2 but didn't succeed due to failure to progress. DS2 was a spontaneous labour at 39wks though and I'm hopeful that this time around all will go well!
  • I did! Last pregnancy with my daughter I had a successful VBA2C. I had to be induced with pitocin, but she came after 5 hours of labor and 20 minutes of pushing. 
    I will be attempting my second VBA2C this Jan. 
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  • I just had a successful VBA2C on August 13th. I went into labor spontaneously at 38+5 and my daughter was born less than 6 hours later.
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