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running out of milk :-(

My babe is 7 months now and I'm still breast feeding. A while back I had to start supplementing with formula, no big deal, my milk production was just low in the evenings. Well now it has fallen off a cliff. I work full time and have been pumping for her since I came back four months ago. I dont get it, I am not pumping or nursing any less than I ever have and the milk just keeps going down and down. Isnt it supposed to be a supply and demand system? I need to try a supplement I've heard about and start making milk cookies. Its just frustrating because I don't understand why production is going down when her milk needs are going up! Anyone have an insight into why this happens?

Re: running out of milk :-(

  • I'm sorry, I dont know the answer. But I am a firm believer in stress doing weird things to our bodies. Working mom = stress = less milk = more stress = even less milk?

    Try the supplements and whatnot. Whatever ends up happening, I think you have done great going this long. Good luck!
  • Thanks for your reply Willybean. It gave me a revelation! I hadnt thought to connect milk to stress. I'm usually not stressed out but over the last month my in-laws have been staying in our house and that has been THE MOST stressful situation I've been through. Its not only stressed me out but I havent been able to connect with my girls the way I want to. With them there I cant be myself and the've been a barrier between me and my girls. They're leaving in two days though and I look forward to things getting back to normal and resuming the relationship me and my baby girl both need.
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  • Glad to have helped! It definitely sounds like you're stressed! Lol. Hope life calms down a bit for you soon.
  • I went through the same thing as LO is now 8 months and I finally called it quits for exclusively pumping about 2 weeks ago.  I made the cookies, I drank the tea I drank a ton of water and pumped religiously every 2 hours and it was the same for me.  Don't feel bad you did a great job for 7 months and any mom guilt that you have will be relief at not being tied to your pump anymore.  Also if you haven't noticed your production will change when you start getting your period again. 


  • pchungpchung member
    Are you eating enough calories and drinking enough water?  Breast feeding moms should be eating around 2,000-2,200 calories a day and drinking around 100-150ozs of water. 

    Stay away from Mother's Milk Tea as it is known to give stomach problems to LOs.  Also for some women it actually reduces milk supply.  You can eat things such as oatmeal, almonds, flax seed and brewer's yeast that are known to increase milk supply.  There are recipes on Pinterest to make lactation cookies or you can buy them online.  Moo N Cookies is a popular brand. 

    Your body makes breast milk on a supply and demand scale.  Nursing and skin to skin helps your body know when to make milk.  If you are away from LO try to pump whenever your LO is being bottle fed.  When you are with LO try to nurse instead of bottle feeding or pumping.  The more LO nurses they are telling your body to make more milk. 

    Try not to stress.  You are doing a good job and breastfeeding is for sure not easy.  Your LO is getting enough milk if they are having 6 or more wet diapers in a 24 hour period. 
  • If you can't produce enough milk, there is a website:  "Human Milk 4 Human Babies"  -- I believe each state has their own facebook page.  It's a GREAT organization where people can donate and receive breastmilk.  It's all based on getting the breastmilk to the children, a few months ago I actually donated around 200oz of frozen breastmilk, the mom came to my home (as we arranged) with a cooler and picked it all up.  Many donors just request replacement bags.  So if you can't produce (or end up over producing) I highly recommend checking out the website. 
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    The supplement fenugreek helps a lot and I usually see a difference in milk production within 24-48 hours. This is my second baby and I have seen a reduction in milk production around 6-7 months with both of my kids. This is also when my period returned and also when my kids were eating more baby food
  • Update. THanks for all the great input ladies. I dont know why this didnt occur to me sooner but the downturn in my milk supply also coincided with having an iud placed. Duh! They said it would not effect my milk so I just put it out of my mind. I got a mirena and even though its not supposed to effect my milk its pretty clear that it did. I may have been one of those who didnt ovulate while breast feeding but I sure didnt want to take that risk. Oh well, I give her what I've got and we'll keep it up for as long as it works for us.
    Thanks again
  • I went through a horrible milk decrease when my husband and i were in a custody battle for my step daughter. I too did not associate mt milk loss with stress but once I did I was able to increase milk supply with fenugreek and drinking plenty of water. I tried making the milk cookies but they didnt work for me. :/
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