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Any hair stylists around?

AmberLiz99AmberLiz99 member
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I need to cut my hair ASAP! I really want to do it before dd's party Saturday, but I don't know what to do with it! I'm usually on top of the latest styles, but I feel like I've been living under a rock this last year. My hair is dark blond, super straight, and not thick at all. It doesn't curl. Right now it's about 4-5 inches below my shoulder. I want to keep it below my shoulder but it needs shape badly! Who can give me advice?

I'll attach a picture. This is right after I took it out of a pony tail, so it looks like it is a little wavy, but it's not really.
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Re: Any hair stylists around?

  • I'm not a stylist, but my hair is similar to yours, just a few inches shorter. I get highlights done every once in awhile, and I really like them. I've got some subtle layers to make my hair fall nicely and a longish side bang. I'm not super up on the trends, I just usually ask my stylist what would look best for me!

    You will have to post a pic when you get it done! :)
  • I think @Talltrees82 and I have the same haircut! I just chopped off about 3-4 inches so it falls just below my shoulder. I have some light layers and a few long bangs. I'll
    Be getting highlights done soon too... I better make the appointment!
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  • AmberLiz99AmberLiz99 member
    edited April 2015
    Ok, I'm kind of thinking something like one of these (the cuts, not colors). Any opinions?
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  • Those cuts look very similar and I think would look great on you! I would take both pics to your stylist.
  • They do look very similar, but I think I like the second one better as it may have a bit more layering that could help give you more body.I think either one would look great on you though.
  • ^^I agree with @LolaX2.  This is the hair I totally want, but can't have unless I wanted to spend an hour straightening, smoothing, etc. my curly/wavy crazy. Definitely post a "post" pic!
  • I am a cosmetologist, I like your side part your length is perfect to me I will add layers long layers so around the face it will be long to so you will be able to put it in a ponytail or around the ear , I really like the color is it your natural color ?you can add some high lights on top .
  • I like both those pics! I agree that you should take them both to that stylist. Your hair's long enough that a few inches off will make it feel lighter without making it too short.
  • Looks cute!
  • Looks great!
  • lilac02lilac02 member
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    Looks great! Very cute. I also never like the way they style it. Often times I tell them not to bother. But I have curly hair and they never put in enough product so after like 2 minutes it's a giant frizz ball.
  • You guys are all very nice. I hate it a lot more his morning. It's the opposite of what I asked for and she even cut it too short to do a regular pony tail (something we talked about before the cut). It sucks. It's the first thing I've done for myself in months, i needed a boost of self confidence, and now I can't even look in a mirror.
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  • Ack! That's the worst, @AmberLiz99! I'm so sorry. It looks really cute on you in the picture... I hope it gets better.  Sometimes even a few days makes a difference.  I'm getting my hair cut this weekend and am feeling the need for a boost too--I always feel frumpy these days and a good cut does make a difference. 

    Can you ask them for a re-cut, maybe? Give you some more of the layers and framing that you want, even if there's nothing they can do about it being too short to ponytail it the way you like? Or, at the very, very least, a refund? Then you can use that money on a pedi or some other treat!
  • @Sporty1216 I went to the really inexpensive place, and I doubt they would offer a refund the next day. I'll just hope that it grows on me, and in three months or so maybe I'll have enough length to fix it myself.
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  • Aw, I think it looks great! But I'm sorry you don't like it! That happened to me my last haircut. I got used to it after a couple days, and before I knew it it had grown enough for a ponytail. And ponytails are a must in my life these days :).
  • Ah, darn it. But I do hope it grows out and grows on you quickly. Such a bummer to lose out on the pampering boost you hoped for though. Here's to random compliments as you go through your days. Sometimes those come along just when we need them the most (and least expect them).
  • I'm sorry you don't like, I think it looks cute though. This is why I have used the same hairdresser for 19 years now! When I say fun but wash n' wear, she takes me at my word!

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  • Well they didn't really listen to me. It's shorter with less framing and layers than I asked for, but at least it is better compared to before :) maybe once I style it myself I'll like it better

    I like it! Thank goodness she didn't cut the front (frame) short , you will be eating your hair all the time.

  • I like it too! I think it looks fresh and cute. Maybe google some ponytail ideas or styling ideas for medium hair? And the good thing about hair is that it grows back :)
  • Aw sorry you don't like it...but I think it looks great on you! Will a higher ponytail work? or use a few bobby pins to hold stray pieces? I know, I also hate not being able to pull my hair back in a pony too!
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