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Fill in the blank, Moms!

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The one crazy trick that got my baby to sleep was _______________ 

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Re: Fill in the blank, Moms!

  • Halo sleepsack! It was a lifesaver.
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  • Give her a bath before the last feeding of the night. 

    I did this at 1 month, and she's been sleeping through the night ever since.
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  • Put him in a rock and play!
  • Bath time, feeding, and playing a little Michael Buble'. (Find what ever music makes baby calm) did this since 3 weeks. She's now 4months. And sleeps a solid 7hours.
  • Not trying so hard. The more I willed the twins to sleep, the more they fought it. The more I go with the flow and wait for their sleepy cues, the easier it is on everybody.
  • Having a routine and the Halo sleep sack... Amazing! My 11 week old goes to bed around 8 and will wake up only once for a feeding.. Usually around 3 am... Then he's back asleep until 730 ish
  • A bath before bedtime, PJ, switched off lights, and the most important is me pretending as slept. Once she feels that I have slept, she comes near me and sleeps with me.

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  • let her pull on my hair.
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    1 he before bed put on pj's Franklin now knows it's time to relax..
  • The craziest trick that got my baby to sleep is playing a dramatized version of the Bible for her on my tablet. She falls asleep to it every time!! 
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