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New to this group. No longer in the Nov

Hi ladies.

I just wanted to post and say I am sorry to you all that we are in this situation. My pregnancy appeared to be going as it should... Until yesterday at our 11 week 3 day appt. No warning signs or anything. They took me back for my US and could not detect a heartbeat. We had an US at 8 weeks 4 days when the baby seemed to be thriving. HR was 175 and it seemed we were on our way to having our first child together ( we miscarried last June 2014). I am sad, angry, embarrassed, confused all in one but, I am trying very hard to maintain my faith and know there is a bigger plan for us one day. This time they are going to do blood work and test the tissue to try and find out what the underlying issue may be. Just please know beautiful ladies you're not alone. I am thankful to have the support on here and I'm sorry it's under these circumstances . I hope one day we all experience our rainbow baby. XO

Re: New to this group. No longer in the Nov

  • I am sorry for your loss. I came here from the Nov 2015 board as well after miscarrying at 9.5 weeks. I too had no warning signs and great heartbeats but went to the doctor at 9.5 weeks and both babies had no heartbeats. This is a supportive, kind place. I wish you the best as you recover and plan to try again.
  • Sorry for your loss! Just came over from the December board. Although I wasn't as far along, I do know the emotional side and you have my support!
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  • So sorry for your loss.  Our stories sound similar we had an U/S at 9+1wks and the baby was great, had a strong heartbeat.  When I went back at 11+6wks they couldn't find the heartbeat with the doppler, and had me do an U/S the baby had stopped growing at 9+4wks shortly after our first U/S.  This was my first pregnancy.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you.
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  • Hi I'm really sorry for your loss too. I was on the Nov 2015 group as well. I deleted the bump app when I miscarried and decided to come back on just to let the Nov moms know why I had left. When I had done that I came across this board and am so glad I did. There's something reassuring about reading other messages that feel somewhat familiar to how how your feeling in that moment. You're not alone and are amongst friends here x
  • So sorry for your loss. I was apart of Sept. 2015. I had no symptoms of a miscarriage either. I should of been 9 weeks 3 days but baby only measures 7 weeks 5 days with no heartbeat. This was my first pregnancy. Glad you found this group!
  • I had a very similar situation. 11w appointment and no heartbeat - baby was only measuring 9w3d. I had zero signs or symptoms. We we're devastated! I had my D&C just over a week ago and I'm trying to stay positive and move forward. I'm so sorry to you all but have faith we will get our healthy babies someday.


  • Sorry for your losses...
    I am here from the November 2015 board. I'm 11 days post d&c for a missed miscarriage.
    I'm a little scared to even be considering posting over here as I've had 3 consecutive miscarriages, so I'm not sure of TTC is a great idea without more testing.
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  • Sorry for all of your losses I am 13 days posy d and c. I was 11 weeks 5 days but baby stopped growing at 7 weeks 5 days.
    Fingers crossed and baby dust for all on this board hopefully our time here is short!
  • Similar story here. Mine stopped growing 2 days after an ultrasound showing a healthy baby with strong heartbeat. I had no warning except that I had been less nauseous, but I didn't take that as a warning at all. Total shock. Anyway I'm in the waiting room now for the follow-up appointment. Not sure if we can TTC right away, but I'll find that out once they call me in to see the doc! This was also my first pregnancy. Good luck to all.
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  • I'm sad to say, I've followed you a couple days later.  I thought I was just having an easy pregnancy.  Turns out, the doctor couldn't even tell me what happened, as the sac was the only thing left, and my DH says it was about the size and shape of a kidney bean.  I could have been 11 weeks.  He told me to expect up to a month to pass everything, but I am somewhat relieved to have started spotting yesterday.  I want to process this well, and want to try again soon, but I think I'll take an extra cycle just to let myself recover a little.

    I've experienced a lot of great support and hugs from people we've told. I hope you are all as lucky to have loving people to cry with when you need to and to be practical and in planning mode, where ever you are in your process of grief.  
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  • I came here from the same group. I'm sorry to hear about your misfortune :(
  • Praying for you
  • I am so sorry for your losses.
    Praying this is our take home baby. STICK TURKEY Mommy will miss you everyday my beautiful angel. We love you Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers M/C on 1/05/11 at 11 weeks.
  • Same here - came from the Nov '15 board. Found out about my missed miscarriage 3 days ago when the baby had no heartbeat and was the size of 7 and a half weeks when it shouldve been 9 and a half. Two weeks prior baby was healthy w/heartbeat.

    I'm waiting for more than spotting but if nothing happens till Wednesday, I'm scheduled for cytotec to induce a flush out.

    Wish all of us only the best for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!
  • I am here now after an ultrasound at 7w6d showed no heartbeat and measured 7w1d. That was 4/6. I am still going through the mc process and just took a second dose of cytotec in hopes of it finishing itself off.

    I'm ready to begin the TTC process again, but I am also so nervous that this may occur again. I like knowing I'm not alone, but my heart aches for everyone here.

    Sending warm thoughts and positive vibes to all of you.
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