5 month postpartum section soreness

Ok, so it's been 5 months and I'm wondering if anyone gets odd/weird soreness and sensations from time to time. I did just work out a few days ago, but nothing too strenuous. I feel lately extra bloated, discomfort under my ribs...almost by my stomach/liver...not by my incision but above around my abdominal area. Do you find that you get this type of soreness after working out? It almost feels like "something" is in there...it's just a weird feeling so it's hard to describe. I still have numbness too to touch. Everything just still feels odd!

Re: 5 month postpartum section soreness

  • I got weird sensations on the right side of my c-section scar for almost 6 months. It was mainly after going to the gym for me too.  I think it is normal.  I am finally getting the feeling back in the scar just now at 8 months after my c-section. 
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