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Who is going to be a 1st time mom and due after mothers day? Are you celebrating Mother's Day?


  • FTM due May 20th. I don't want to celebrate Mother's Day yet but I have a feeling DH is going to try to surprise me.
  • I'm in that boat, but we (DH and me) probably won't do anything for me as we still have both of our moms and stepmoms to celebrate with.  So the best I'm shooting for is to drop off cards, flowers at each of their houses and then take a nap. :)  
  • I can't say I'd really thought about it yet. But my birthday's a day after baby's due date (EDD 14th), and our anniversary's the 19th, so we already have a lot of celebrations.
  • I'm a first time mom but I'm due before mothers day on may 2. So we probably won't be celebrating mothers day, we'll probably forget about it during all the baby chaos.
  • Due May 1st, and excited to be a part of a special day to celebrate mommyhood for the first time. The women in my family do a mother's day breakfast, and I'm looking forward to being included as a mom. I'm also excited that my husband is a father on father's day this year. Maybe it's the IVF journey we had to take, but it means a lot that we will have our little miracle to make us parents this year.
  • I'm due on Mother's Day. From what my own Mom experienced for her first Mother's Day, I know she will make a point to celebrate it with me & make sure I feel special
  • My EDD is May 7th, but everyone thinks I'm going on May 10th, so we are celebrating it, with  or without baby's arrival. 

  • I'm due 2 days after Mother's Day but everyone seems to think I'll go early (who knows why!). H has already hinted that he got me something but my birthday is also around that time so I'm not sure exactly what the present will be or what it will be celebrating. :P

  • My baby's due date is Mother's Day. :)
  • my due date is Mother's Day too!
  • I have a c-section scheduled for May 8th, so Im hoping ill be back home on Mother's Day, which happens to also be my birthday and my dad's as well.
  • I'm due May 20th, we aren't really celebrating Mother's Day, but I did mention to my husband that they have soon to be mother day cards, which I like cards and such, but nothing more than that, I don't think.
  • My due date is on mothers day, but not sure s/o knows that and I don't really want to say anything.. So we shall see. Hopefully its just a nice day with me and my new baby girl:)
  • My due date is May 7. My mom told my hubby he better have a good present for me if I just had the baby and a better present for my if I'm still pregnant. :)
  • I'm from UK and our Mother's Day was mid March so I will have to wait till next year, SO did get me a card from bump saying she can't wait to meet me and a bunch of flowers ☺️
  • I'm due May 5th but dr says I'm ahead of the game so any day now! Can't wait to be a mommy on mothers day! ♡
  • I'm due on Mother's Day, so we shall see if I get to celebrate it this year or next! As this is my first child, I keep being told Ill probably go late
  • I'm kind of hoping I go 3 days late and have her on Mother's Day because then her birthday will be 5-10-15. How cool would that be!!

  • I was due May 3rd but inducing next Wednesday because my doc will be out of town the 1st-4th. So ready to get this girl out of me!
  • I am due May 5th and I think we are planning on celebrating Mother's Day, honestly I hope she is here already! I am so ready to meet this little lady!
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