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Post-baby weight

I gained 60lbs during my pregnancy. (This is my first). I lost 40lbs (now month 5) but the last 20lbs are brutal. I've been doing Weight Watchers and exercising and nothing. I'm still EBF. Everyone told me if you BF it just SLIDES RIGHT OFF. Right.

I'm super frustrated. I've done a little reading that some of the weight doesn't come off until AFTER you are done BF. Any experiences or insight? I've always been pretty small & thin (I'm only 5foot) so I'm going nuts!

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    Well I applaud you for losing 40 lbs already!! losing weight while breastfeeding is a myth. Your caloric intake should still be fairly high to make sure that your supply is up. Once I stopped breastfeeding I started losing weight. im sure it is to each their own. if your LO is 5 months that means mobility is to come soon. You will be chasing your LO before you know it which is exercise in itself. I wouldn't beat yourself up over the rest. It will come off in time if you keep working at it the way you are!
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    You need the extra cushion and body fat percentile to effectively BF. Honestly? Focus on weight loss after you wean.

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    Thanks guys! I needed that.
    This entire time I had been marching to my mom saying "Oh as soon as I started BF you I lost all the baby weight and THEN some." So I feel like maybe I had unrealistic expectations... 
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    You have the rest of your life to lose the weight, but only this time to have this person as a baby.  Even if you plan on having another baby, you still have forever to lose it.  40 lbs is amazing, focus on that!!
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    I felt the same, I had lost a lot of weight and the last bunch was stubborn. I didn't want to diet so I just focused on eating really healthy, whole foods. It really worked! I lost 5lbs and feel a lot better. Don't be hard on yourself, you grew a human being not that long ago! 
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    I'm so taking the Whole Foods Advice. I need to get on it but I'm so afraid that my attempt to lose weight will affect my breastmilk supply.
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    With my first I was stuck at 10 pounds to lose for months! It wasn't until around 13 months PP that it finally came off.  Don't beat yourself up! Especially with what you are doing! 


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    Congratulations on your weight loss! That's great to hear! For me, I had gained 28 lbs. by the end of my pregnancy and was fortunate enough to have lost all but 10 lbs. by 2 weeks postpartum. I'm still trying to lose those pesky last 10 lbs but I keep fluctuating.
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    vpinevpine member
    I had twins and gained 33 lbs and lost them all within 4 weeks (had c section, I don't breastfeed).

    What exercising are you doing?  I suggest: 1) running at least 1 mile a day and 2) Jillian Michaels DVDs or other cardio DVDs.
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    I was 165lbs prepreg (Mar 2014)
    I was 290lbs a week after csx (Dec 14)
    Currently I'm 227lbs (May 15)
    I'm trying!!
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