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Selling my stash

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My husband and I were really excited about cloth diapering, but found that we were unable to find time to do all of the washing between our two jobs and so only made it to about 9 months.  The size one diapers and prefolds were used for about 3 months and the size two for about 5 months.  All diapers and prefolds are in great condition (no wear or tear and all snaps work), though some of the size two prefolds do have a bit of staining.  Everything washed in tide free and gentle. All diapers are unisex in blues and greens. I also have some fun owls and trees. PM me if interested or if you know where I can offload as everything I've looked up is showing you need to be an active member. My husband has made me afraid to try out craigslist.

30 x size two unbleached OsoCozy prefolds
30 x size one unbleached OsoCozy prefolds
10 x size two Thirsties duo wraps (snaps)
7 x size one Thirsties duo wraps (snaps)
1 x size two Thirsties pocket diaper (snaps) + insert
1 x like new planet wise diaper pail liners

Re: Selling my stash

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