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I'm looking for a monitor for our lakehouse that has exceptional range for when we are out on the dock and the baby is napping inside. From my experience the range that the manufactures list don't tend to be accurate, so i am hoping other mommas who have used a monitor for something similar can offer me some advice on what one to go for. I would estimate that the distance would be about 700ish feet and the nursery is on the second level and faces the dock so it would only have to transmit through one wall. My main concern is being able to hear him so it doesn't matter wether it is a video monitor or not. 

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  • I've actually been looking into the fairly inexpensive video security cams that work with my phone or tablet.  I would love to be able to check in on my newborn while I'm at work.  It would also obviously have an incredibly long range as it's viewable from anywhere you have cell service.
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    Look at dropcam pro. We just set ours up and it seems great! Can be viewed from phone or tablet and is great in the dark.
  • We had the Angel Care Deluxe and although I have never tried it at 700ft, it worked at 500ft when I would go to my in-laws. So it went through two walls and 500 ft of distance. 

    **My husband was home when I would go to my in-laws (he telecommutes). But I would bring it so if she woke, I would know and could get back without him having to tend to her while he was dealing with phone calls. 
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