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toddler suddenly stuttering!

Please help!  I'm a hormonal mom of a 6 week old preemie and suddenly my 2.5 year old toddler started stuttering.  He seems fine and everyone else doesn't seem concerned but I don't know if it's the hormones or what, but it's literally breaking my heart!  I'm soooooo anxious about it.  Every time he talks and gets stuck on a word, or struggles to speak, it kills me.  I find that I don't even want to talk with him or play with him.  I know I'm sleep deprived and not at my best right now and I know I'm overreacting.  Please tell me I just need to calm down and that this will pass.  I konw I need to put this into perspective and relax, I'm just having a really hard time with this.  I'm not proud of how I feel about this.  I'm ashamed and beating myself up.  I just felt like I needed some kind words of encouragement from other moms or moms who have been there.  THanks.

Re: toddler suddenly stuttering!

  • First off don't beat yourself up. Remember that you are anxious about this because you have a new baby and that's is REALLY overwhelming.

    I don't have experience with this but I'm sure there's a reason for this new behavior. Could be the new baby at home. Call the Pedi and ask his/her opinion. Maybe the Pedi will have a logical explanation.

    Try to relax, even though you are worried. Hang in there.

  • Oh another thing, try not to let your toddler know that you are anxious about this. He might be self-conscious if he realizes he's stuttering and he probably can't control it. Don't avoid talking to him :(
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  • Thanks.  I think you're right.  I need to RELAX!  Ugh.  The pedi said it's most likely a phase and hopefully it will just resolve and if it doesn't we can get help.  It's not unsolvable.  Don't know why I'm making such a big deal about it!
  • tkellyb said:

    Thanks.  I think you're right.  I need to RELAX!  Ugh.  The pedi said it's most likely a phase and hopefully it will just resolve and if it doesn't we can get help.  It's not unsolvable.  Don't know why I'm making such a big deal about it!

    Because you just had a baby and EVERYTHING is difficult! And you are a mom that worries about her kid. Seems normal to me. I had insane anxiety after having my second baby (she's 6 months old now) so I get it.



  • I can understand why you are anxious mama, so many things coming together. And a New born to boot! Kids go through stages, this might just be one of those stages. Can you encourage him to slow down? Another thing, he might be feeling your stress. Sometimes the best thing is to de-stress yourself, relax, take a deep breath, make sure you have some alone time and down time, and it might improve for him. The best thing is not to jump to conclusions. Take a deep breath sweet mama. #notautomatic-
  • My son did that briefly around that age.  It was pretty short lived.  We were worried, of course, but remained nonchalant with him and gave him time to get the words out as needed. He eventually just grew out of it. 
  • My 3 year old has recently started stuttering too, and I'm not worried. Only because I know she has been a sponge and is learning at warp speed suddenly. She is picking up new words and phrases that just blow my mind, with that being said it takes her awhile to spit out what she's is trying to say. I think her little mind is working overtime and trying to find the words as fast as her mouth moves. Try to not let it worry you too much, your 2.5 yr old is probably a sponge for new words right now too! Enjoy your budding chatterbox!
  • I'm a mom of a 2yo and a speech-language pathologist. Please don't worry or beat yourself up. Some kiddos go through a period of stuttering especially in toddlerhood that is fleeting; then you never see it again...especially if it's leading up to a language burst. You should visit an SLP in your area and get a formal evaluation. (There are things you just can't know unless you do a live observation)

    Don't tell him to slow down and don't avoid talking to him. If you slow down your speech, just below your comfortable rate (but not unnatural sounding) he'll slow down. Try to focus on what he's saying instead of how it's coming out. If you're tense, it won't make things easier for him. There are some super simple guidelines and info that I have seen help a lot of families at
  • I'm late to the party but just wanted to chime in and say mine is doing this a little, and as pp suggested I assumed she just had so much new information in her head that her mouth just couldn't keep up. I worried at first but, and now I'm wondering if this was unwise, when she'd get stuck I'd tell her, nicely not in a sarcastic rude way, that I was listening to her and if she wanted to stop and think about what she wanted to say, I'd still be listening when she was ready. It only took a couple of seconds and then she would resume usual cadence and tell me what she had been trying to say. It lasted maybe a month. Hang in there. Take care of yourself, I think several pp had great suggestions on the matter.
  • My 3,5 yo daughter has had two periods now in which she stuttered! I was anxious as well at first but noticed that it had to do with to much excitement (first time was around santa, this time it's the waiting on her baby brother). It does seem like their thoughts outrun their mouths. My daughter got out of it in about a month! So listen to all the advice here and just hang in there! 
  • My son started stuttering around 2.5 or 3. We assumed it was a phase and just tried not to bring attention to it. I think a lot of toddlers go through a phase at that age when they're learning new words and how to out sentences together. 

    He he started kindergarten this year and we noticed it getting worse at the beginning of the year. He would get stuck and have to force words out. We spoke to the school and they did an evaluation and he started speech therapy. It's helped SO much. He still stutters a bit, but not near as bad as he was. We've been told to speak slowly and clearly and do not interrupt when he's trying to say something. I know it's second nature to try and finish a sentence for them, but we have to just let him get it out. 

    Basically I just wanted to say it's probably just a phase, but even if it's not, it'll be okay. There are plenty of resources out there to help if the stutter sticks. Try not to worry too much!
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  • It's called "learning to speak"! Don't worry about it!
  • Kids are extremely receptive to non-verbal cues you give them, to the environment, and to your level of stress. Sure, maybe your child is a little bit stressed and caused him to fumble his words a little bit, but the best thing you can do to make it go away, is simply not to stress over it. At least not unless the problem persists. And you can always seek the advice of a speech therapist. I don't think it's a big deal. Good luck in any case!
  • Stuttering is a form of expressing nervousness. There's a lot going on in your child's life, with the new sibling and all. But children have a WONDERFUL ability to adapt. It's gonna be fine. Don't worry.
  • My son just turned 2 a month ago, he's vocabulary has been booming and is putting words together more. I've noticed a stutter too but I'm wondering if it's just him trying to get out his words and just getting stuck. He only stutters when he's saying for example... Mommas car, daddy's truck... He will say mommas , mommas, mommas car or daddy's, daddy's, daddy's truck. I'm just thinking maybe it's not a stutter since he only gets stuck when he's saying phrases like this. 
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