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anyone else late to the party?

I've been around TB for a few years, but I've mostly been on Blended Families. I have a DS (5) and SD (9 on May 2nd). To be honest, I've often scoffed at what I thought was "attachment parenting." I didn't really give much thought to"parenting style" or theories, but I've found that my parenting style is becoming increasingly authoritarian.

And I don't like it. I don't like the future I see for my kids, myself, or my relationship with them. Although I love my children, the joy I once had as a mother has been lost in the sea of power struggles and my need to control everything (yes, I have been to therapy). No, I'm not saying that I'm ruining my kids' lives our that we're in trouble, but I am saying that I would like to be better for and give better to my children.

I'm currently listening to Dr. Laura Markham's book in audio format, "Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids," and I started reading a bit on I'm anxious to try creating better connections with my children.

If anyone has any other book recommendations, please share.

Re: anyone else late to the party?

  • Welcome! My own children are still quite young, but I use AP ideas in my work with kids through 6th grade and find positive disciple to work well across the board. I love ahaparenting! Some great reads for you kids' ages:
    Top 2:
    How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk
    Hold Onto To Your Kids

    Siblings Without Rivalry
    Playful Parenting
    Unconditional Parenting
    Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves (Sometimes the tone of this book bugs me, but the premise is very much about how parenting helps us heal our own childhood wounds and there are gems in it)

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    It's never too late to change and better ourselves. I can be authoritative as well. Wandered in here tonight and saw your post - I can definitely relate.

    Just wanted to applaud you for taking steps to build a happier home. It won't always be easy, especially when trying to break the habits of how things have been dealt with in the past.

    My husband told me this week, "I just want to be a chill parent. I don't want to flip over the small things or even the big things. I want to handle it all better and more calmly!" Me too! Glad I found this board.
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  • Good for you! I haven't met a mom yet who is exactly the parent that she wants to be and it's brave to admit that and work on things :) Best of luck on your journey and to everyone else on this path for that matter!
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  • Have you ever read the nurshable blog? I love it.
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