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Weaning and large hard lump in 1 breast.

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I recently stopped breastfeeding about 1 week ago. By the time I stopped, I was only feeding nursing DS about 1x every 24 hours, sometimes less. A few days after I stopped, I developed several lumps in 1 breast. The did not hurt. A few more days go by and the lump is now about the size of a plum, asymmetrical and near my nipple. It is somewhat painful. No fever or flu symptoms. I am hesitant to pump because I know that will cause more milk to come in. I'm not engorged, it's just the lump. What should I do? Pump? Wait it out? The other breast is totally fine. Please help.

Re: Weaning and large hard lump in 1 breast.

  • Call your obgyn. I had a large painful lump in one breast a few weeks into BF mine was just a fibroidadanoma the doc said I could get it removed surgically but as it moved it stopped hurting. Good luck.
  • I would say try to massage it out, as I went through something very similar and it just seemed to be one duct that decided to clog up. Mine didn't get to the size of a plum though... maybe about the size of the last joint on my thumb. I would go see your doctor if it hasn't subsided yet.
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