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Diaper bag for first year of baby wearing

Hi all. I am new to this board. I am a 35 yr FTM to a 5 week boy in Houston, TX. He wants to be carried all the time. I had planned on carrying him for a few hours a day anyway, so the adjustment hasn't been too bad.

I haven't yet bought a diaper bag. I have been making do with a tote plus diaper wallet and pouches.

Right now, DS and I enjoy tummy to tummy front carry in a wrap, with a small amount of kangaroo carry in a ring sling. Ideally, I'd like a backpack-style diaper bag, especially for walks/hikes. But I am unsure of what to expect further down the line.

Did you switch to hip or back carry as your child got older? If so, what style of diaper bag did you find most useful?

Re: Diaper bag for first year of baby wearing

  • We use a backpack primarily. When baby is old enough for back carries, clearly the pack can't go back there, but I either hold it with my hands or for awhile we had a backpack that also had a cross-body strap which was handy at times (but not something to pay an exorbitant amount for).
  • We have always had a cross-body strap on our diaper bag. Like a messenger style, and the it also has short straps in you want to carry it in hand. I mostly back carry starting around 4 months so a backpack wouldn't work for me.

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