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What does a meal look like for your little one now? My son is completely off formula now and eating regular food. I was curious to see how much or what kinds of food everyone's children are eating now that they are the big one or getting close to it. Let's see some sample menus. For lunch today my little guy ate strawberries, squash and zucchini, and yo baby yogurt. He also had a few puffs to go with it. He could eat all day long. I feel like I struggle with keeping meats that he can eat easily

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  • Each meal usually consists of a fruit, veg, protein, and sometimes carbs. An example lunch would be: turkey lunchmeat, tomatoes, and a fruit/veg pouch. I also swap out beans for the meat or Mac n cheese. Breakfast is usually just a yogurt and a fruit.
  • I feed him whatever we're having, cut into small pieces. Today, he's eaten:

    Scrambled egg, blueberries, melon
    Turkey sandwich with cheese, apple
    Greek yogurt and puffs

    Tonight's dinner is crockpot macaroni and cheese.
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  • We do a lot of thick-sliced lunch meats for lunch time. I dice it so it's easy for LO to pick up. He also loves things like sloppy joes and spaghetti with meat sauce. Or baked chicken cut up into bits. But I think the meats are the hardest part to keep on hand for me too. If we don't finish the lunch meat in a timely fashion, I pop it in the freezer and defrost small portions as we go. Same for other meat. Otherwise, he eats a lot of the same things you mentioned--cheese, fruits, broccoli, yogurt, applesauce, crackers. Pretty much anything and everything!
  • Bfast we do Cheerios mixed with baby food or cottage cheese or a frozen waffle and cottage cheese. Lunch o try to do protein and a veggie and a carb. Dinner is whatever we are having last night it was fish, broccoli and some rice quinoa. She likes shredded cheese and chicken. I cheat and have some frozen chicken breast strips on hand that I can dice for her also frozen meatballs she likes.
  • She eats all the same things as the rest of us. Waffles, pancakes, toast, fruit, and cereal for breakfast, and dinner leftovers for lunch (or mac n cheese/quesadilla/soup if there aren't any leftovers). Dinner tonight was chicken, rice and green beans. Her favorites are shepherd's pie, pulled pork, carrots, and chicken burgers. Right now, she's on a meat kick, as is DS. I put food in front of all my kids until they stop eating.
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  • We had sausage gravy and biscuits and bananas for breakfast. Then lunch was BBQ chicken baked beans and deviled eggs. Dinner was steamed broccoli and carrots with turkey sausage and mango. He's still breast feeding too though.
  • Ours eats mostly what we are eating, and her daycare gives her nicely balanced meals, except for the snacks which are nothing but carbs. I do periodically make little burgers using the Abs Diet recipe and little salmon patties and freeze them - she loves those! I also make some flavored ground meat and freeze them - her new favorite is Greek flavored ground lamb.
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