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Making room for baby #2

does anyone have experience moving toddler (24 mos.) into "big girl" room but with her crib still? She's such a great sleeper I'm hesitant to disrupt her comfort and sleep patterns on top of the stress that will come with welcoming a new sibling. Any advice is much appreciated.
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Re: Making room for baby #2

  • We moved DD at 18 months. I think the biggest issues we had was me. I over thought it and over reacted to the thought of it. It will go as smooth as you want it to be. We made sure she had all of her comforting blanky/lovey/music already to go for the first night. I of course kept checking in but she was none the wiser to the transition. We did go from crib to full size bed so we could reuse the crib. The transition happened about 2 weeks before I had DS. Again I was worried but she took the changes in stride. Every child adjusts differently. We make sure that she is still a priority in everything that we do. At 2YO she carries her baby around with her. if I am shushing DS she is shushing baby. Same with swaddling, diaper changes, feedings, and rocking. She will be just fine :) I know its easier said than done but don't overthink it!

    Good luck :)

  • We moved DD about 4 months before her baby brother was born.  She was about 2 1/2 at the time.  Like PP, I also over thought it and was super worried about it but she did so well with the transition.  We made a huge deal about her new big girl room.  We got her brand new big girl furniture, a minnie comforter set and painted her room pink and purple.  She loved it!  We have a convertible crib that converts from crib to toddler bed to full sized bed and she was in the toddler bed at the time.  We wanted the crib for the new baby so we got her a brand new twin size bed and matching dresser and night stand.
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  • We just tried to make a huge deal about him being a big boy! It has been great. He was in the crib with a lowered side (toddler bed) for a while which I think helped
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