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we are very eco conscious in our home and i like to use minimal chemicals. please share your products you are using or plan to use and any feedback on the ones i list!

household cleaning: we use the better life for dishwashing, mopping and overall cleaning
prenatal vitamins: new chapter perfect prenatal, GMO free
baby bath products: organic sprout or babo? which one do you recommend?
moms shower: deep steep 
food containers: pyrex with silicone glass lids

we are plastic storage free here if we can manage!

i am also looking into baby bottles. has anyone tried the comoto silicone baby bottles? i am also debating between life factory, avent and born free. any recommendations on which is better? i have a life factory water bottle for myself but it always leaks. not sure if i will have the same problem with the bottles?

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    Rrp14Rrp14 member
    I switched all of my houshold and personal products to Ava Anderson Non Toxic since getting pregnant in Feb 2014. I have faithfully used them and recently became a consultant because I am so passionate about spreading the message about avoiding toxic chemicals and sharing the research with fellow mammas and mothers to be. I would be happy to share my knowledge with anyone interested. Please send me an email at or visit my Ava site to learn more I also use Dr. Browns glass bottles and love them.
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    @rrp14 - thanks for the recommendation! I just looked it up on EWG and there are great ratings. can i order directly from your site? do they offer samples?
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    You can order directly through the site. While the company doesn't have samples, it does have an amazing 30 day return policy. The stuff is really amazing! I am a devoted convert! 
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    Love all things Ava Anderson! I was also curious too regarding the glass bottle preference. My heart says go with the life factory because of the silicone sleeve for protection- but they are more pricey than the rest!
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    @mrsreagan81 - I use life factory for myself right now and the biggest pain in the butt is cleaning the sleeves as they are hard to remove and put back on so i give up and just throw it in the dishwasher. i see that born free now makes silicone sleeves for their glass bottles but i dont know about the ease of taking them on and off.
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    The little one has dropped his Dr. Brown's glass bottles before and they have not broken. I tried life factory, but like you said, the sleeve is a pain. We just are a bit more careful with the glass ones. Also, pure kiki makes aluminum bottles which we are just starting to use and really like. Maybe look into those?

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