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Transitioning to one nap

Anyone there yet? If so, what are your signs that it's time? I'm getting the impression that we're headed in that direction...

Re: Transitioning to one nap

  • Wondering the same thing.... 1st nap is getting shorter over here, I wonder if that's a sign?
    We are also changing daycares that do a set nap time for all- they said she can take two naps but it might be easier with just one nap'
  • I'm struggling to get a 30 minute nap with the first and on occasions where it's been missed he has often (but not always) had a long nap mid-day.
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  • We're about done transitioning but this process has taken easily a month long. She was increasingly fighting her afternoon nap (4pm) and then once I got her down, the nap would be <30 minutes. Her former morning nap time was 10:30am and while transitioning I'd watch her in the evening for signs of tiredness for a late catnap (5pm) or an early bedtime. Her new norm is to go down between 11:30-12:30pm and sleep 2 hours. If she doesn't sleep the full 2 hours I watch her for needing an evening catnap or early bedtime.
    If you're fighting her to take a 2nd nap, it's probably not worth the effort.
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  • @Smores730 --thank you for that description! This is just what is happening here and I was wondering about starting to make the transition official. Did you slowly move the first nap back to 11:30, or did you just go for it? (I'm tempted to do the latter...)
  • Sure thing! She was able to go straight to 11:30 on some days, but other days anything around 11 was a success.
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  • @Smores730 for the cat nap did she wake up on her own or did you wake her after 20-30 minutes?
  • I don't post much, but this topic is something I have been interested in as our LO gets older and occasionally (rarely) resists her afternoon nap.  My question in regards to transitioning to one nap a day isn't transitioning the nap itself, but meal times.  As of right now, our LO takes a large sippy cup of formula and a small snack after she wakes in the morning and after each nap and then a large sippy cup of formula right before bedtime.  She eats a solid meal before naps and at dinner.  (She is s total chowhound!)  How do you modify your meal times during this transition?
  • @a_bushey I would assume you would just make lunchtime a little earlier like 11:30ish and move the formula to before the nap? Or she might not need it if she just ate.
  • I know at daycare they do lunch at 11:30.
  • C did one nap today at daycare! She took one nap from 12:30-1:30.... It's 7 pm and she is still doing good- bedtime is normally 7:30 (up around 6:30 ish)
    Not sure what we will do at home on the weekends.
  • Daycare wants to transition to one, but LO still takes two 2 hour naps a day on the weekends... He's been a lunatic at home each time they've tried just one nap at daycare.
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