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I have a 4 month old daughter and we always put her in a footed sleeper with the halo sleep sack at night. I am curious when do they usually get out of the halo sleep sack? What do other people put on their babies at night as they get older especially since its becoming summer now here soon in michigan? I am wondering if its fine eventually for her to just sleep in a pj set (shirt and pants) or a footed sleeper and not have to wear the sleep sack. 

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    It is totally up to you. My DD1 is 3yo and up till this day sleeps in footed pjs because she just can't keep a blanket on at night and I don't want her feet getting cold at night.
    My neighbor's 2.5 yo sleeps in a toddler sleep sack.
    It's totally up to you.
    If you feel it's too hot for pjs and sleep sack, put LO in just pjs or in a onesie inside a sleep sack.
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    WillyBeanWillyBean member
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    Our b/g twins (6.5 months) sleep in their Zipadee Zip sleepsacks with just a diaper or onesie underneath. They used to wear footed pjs underneath but the weather has gotten a lot warmer here and they were sweating. I think they fit into their Halo sleepsacks until 3 and 4 months.

    There are all kinds of options after they get too big to be swaddles. What they wear underneath just depends on the weather and their level of comfort.
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    I just have my LO in a footed sleepers. Anything more he gets too warm and then wont sleep. But I am down here in Mississippi where its always 110% humidity and heat waves. 
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    I asked this exact same question to my pediatrician when my baby, at 4 months of age, began to roll in the crib. I was told that nothing else is needed so my LO sleeps in footed pajamas and that's it.

    No swaddle, no sleep sack, no crib bumper...nada.
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