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Tips and Advice for those attempting VBAC?

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I am expecting my second baby in August. First baby was born via CSection 2 years ago after "failed induction" and "failure to progress." 

I'm eager to VBAC with this baby and have an extremely supportive provider. However - are there things I should be doing that might increase my chances? For those moms who were successful, did you do specific exercises? Eat specific foods? Avoid certain activities? 

Once you were in labor - what did you do differently to help achieve your VBAC?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Tips and Advice for those attempting VBAC?

  • Why were you induced to begin with?? I was induced for pre ecclampsia so I'm just trying to stay active and eat well and hopefully avoid it
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  • Yes, I was induced to begin with. 39 4/7 weeks. I had a bad feeling about it before we went in, but I "trusted my doctor." Reason for induction was a "big baby" who ended up 8 pounds 8 ounces.

    I'm trying to eat right and stay active, as well. My plan currently is to labor at home as long as possible and only get checked in the Doctor's office, not the hospital, once I go into labor. Once my doctor and I feel comfortable that I'm moving along, THEN I'll go to the hospital.

    I just didn't know if there were any tips for making sure baby/hips are positioned correctly, etc.

    @Laurasuzanne2006 when are you due? 
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  • I'm due in August. Are you seeing a different doctor this time around?
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  • Yes. My doctor left her practice, so I searched for almost a year for a doctor who was pro-VBAC. The dr. that I found has a reputation that, "If you want a VBAC, you'll get a VBAC." Fingers crossed it holds true!
  • I had a successful vbac with my second and plan on another with this one. Honestly I think the most you can do is be healthy and stay very positive. It helped that my doctor was extremely supportive as was my husband. Made me feel like I could do anything! :)
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