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Middle name for Lucia

My husband and I have pretty much settled on Lucia for our baby girl, but are having trouble picking a middle name. He likes Rose because it's a "normal" middle name (he's very traditional in his name preferences haha) and I think it's pretty, but SO common. Looking for other suggestions. I like Bella but feel it sounds funny with another -a name.

Also, I am somewhat toying with Luciana and wondering what people think of that vs Lucia?

Re: Middle name for Lucia

  • 4N6s4N6s member
    I like Lucia more.
    Grace. Rose is nice! Noelle. Gabrielle. Elizabeth. Nicole.
  • Lucia Jolie and Lucia Belle would be nice if you are pronouncing it loo-SEE-uh but not if you are pronouncing it loo-sha.
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  • Ooh I like Lucia Noelle. That was actually one of my first name picks. Belle is nice too.

    Sorry should have clarified, it's Loo-SEE-uh.
  • magsugar13magsugar13 member
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    LOVE Luciana!!!! love lucia too...but oh...luciana so beautiful. I am pronouncing the italian way.. lou chee ah
     or lou chee ahna
    Lucia Nicole

  • I like Lucia Rose over Lucia Bella.

    Other mn suggestions: 

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  • I like Lucia better. Rose is boring and Bella is icky.

    Lucia Claire
    Lucia Jane
    Lucia Pearl
    Lucia Jean
    Lucia Hope
    Lucia Mae
    Lucia Paige
  • LNic5LNic5 member
    I really like Lucia, very pretty. Lucia Rose is lovely, some other ideas...

    Lucia Dawn
    Lucia Noelle
    Lucia Renee
    Lucia Alice
    Lucia Elaine
    Lucia Pearl
    Lucia Frances
    Lucia Eden
    Lucia Violet
    Lucia Charlotte
    Lucia Maren
    Lucia Juliet
    Lucia Jane
    Lucia Maeve
    Lucia Madeline
    Lucia Annalise
    Lucia Abigail
    Lucia Evelyn
    Lucia Katherine
    Lucia Josephine
    Lucia Celeste
    Lucia Claire
  • Oooh thank you for the responses, there are a lot of good suggestions here I need to think over!
  • Before I read your post, the first name that popped into my head was Rose.  then Grace.... I love them both!
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  • daystardreamsdaystardreams member
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    Love Lucia and I don't hate Luciana but I like Lucia way more. Lucia was on my list but DH veto'ed it eventually. I was considering Lucia Marie, Lucia Pearl, and Lucia Michelle. All of which are 'normal' middles but are family names for me.

    EDIT: just read other responses and wanted to add love for Lucia Wren!


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  • I personally prefer Lucia to Luciana.  Sounds less frilly.  But I don't see a problem with Luciana if you like it.  Middle name ideas for both:

    Lucia Catherine
    Lucia Charlotte
    Lucia Frances
    Lucia Grace
    Lucia Isabella (flows better than Lucia Bella)
    Lucia Marcella 
    Lucia Pearl
    Lucia Violet

    Luciana Camilla
    Luciana Elena
    Luciana Evelyn
    Luciana Isabel
    Luciana Kayla
    Luciana Margaret
    Luciana Marie
    Luciana Susan
  • I love Lucia Rose! I definitely like Lucia more than Luciana. Other middle names: Claire, Faith, Hope, Jane, Rae. I like it with a one syllable name.
  • I love Lucia and considered it for my DD. I like it better than Luciana. Names ending in "Ana" just NMS for some reason. I think you should avoid a middle name ending in A - it doesn't flow. Good luck!
  • Lucia LeRae
    Lucia Michelle
    Lucia Leanne
    Lucia Grace
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