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Good morning, I'm not sure if this is the right room for me but I was hoping you ladies would point me in the right direction. I am currently entering into the world is single motherhood by choice via donor insemination. I'm just starting the process for my iui. I'm having surgery Friday to make sure I don't have any tissue or anything that would stop implantation. I'm hoping this group will be a support system as o go through this journey.


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  • Welcome!  We are here for all single parents, by choice or by circumstance.  Most of the posters are by circumstance but I know there are a few SMBC out there who just glaze over our posts regarding legalities and "what would you do"'s in our situations. Good luck with the procedure!
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  • Thank you so much
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  • I made a private group named single mothers by choice. I believe those of us who choice to be a single parent have different needs in a forum than those who are single parents by circumstance (not that there is anything wrong with that ). I will still be lurking here although I don't think I can offer any good advice since my situation is completely different. ☺
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