Pregnant after 35

Hi ... Joining the club & a little in shock

I'm 39 w/ 2 kids (DS 5 & DD 2).
I shouldn't exactly be shocked as we've technically been 'trying' for a year. But I was starting to think I was perfectly happy with just 2.
And we have had a plan all along to NOT get pregnant this month ... Our kids are late December & early January birthdays (oh & so is DH). A BFP this month would mean a Dec. 25th due date ... Yikes.
So I did not take any ovulation tests this month & we only DTD ONCE this month.
So I took my test yesterday (guessing only 11 or 12DPO). I really did it out of habit b/c I've taken them every month for a year.
Forgot to even check back and 30 minutes later I see the 2 lines.
Obviously an evaporation line or something crazy. I've now taken a total of 6 tests ... And timed them exactly ... All BFP.
The universe has a real sense of humor! All 3 childrens birthdays will be within a 2 week period. Lol ... Actually this LO shares the same due date as my 5 year old!

Thanks for letting me ramble on as it is clearly way too early to share this news w/ family & friends!!!

Re: Hi ... Joining the club & a little in shock

  • Welcome and congrats!!!!
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  • Welcome! I can relate to your post. My DH and I were not trying and were very surprised by this LO. My son's birthday is in October and my daughter's is December 21st so when you throw in Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, it's always a crazy time of year. Plus, my daughter is kind of a diva, who barely tolerates sharing her birthday with Jesus...she's going to be really ticked when she finds out about this! Cheers to crazy winters!
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  • Congratulations and welcome!
  • Welcome & congrats!
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  • Congratulations!! :)
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  • Congrats and welcome!!  That's almost exactly how I felt. We weren't trying at all! We thought we were done at 2.  My son is 6 and my daughter is 2.  I also have PCOS and have ALWAYS had to have fertility meds to get pregnant.  Clomid.. Femara.. something. Always.  So I really didn't think much of it.. and I've been pregnant so many times and have had so many losses so clearly I know which days to avoid.  Well.. at least I thought I did. lol  I was only about 2-3 days late when I tested and even when I bought the test I really didn't think it would be positive. I've done that a thousand times.. freaked out that I was late. .bought a test. .it's always negative. So I took it.. tossed it up on the bathroom counter.. left to go finish cooking dinner.. didn't really think about it. Came back to it like 40 minutes later and there it is.. two bright pink lines. lol I took about 5 tests before it really sunk in.  
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  • Thanks ladies! @ Ssoccerball ... You made me laugh!! My son is Dec. 22nd ... DD is Jan 6th. My DS has to go through birthday cake & present detox in January ... We already have 3 birthdays, Thanksgiving & Christmas in a little over one month! By Jan he thinks he will continue getting sugary treats & presents every other day ... Forever! Haha.
    I've already imagined new baby being born either on his birthday or Xmas day. That'll really throw a wrench in his plans. HA!
    Congrats to all the ladies here and here's to healthy happy babies :)
  • Congratulations!
  • Congrats and welcome! I have a Dec 27th birthday and yes, that's a really rough time to have a lot going on celebration wise. At least pretty much everyone is in the same boat, tho! Happy holidays, mama!
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