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Has anyone's LO been put on Claritin for allergies? We just started mine on a small dose once a day. He has kept a runny nose for a while and They think that all the congestion is why he is having ear infections so often. He also has very sensitive skin and breaks out easily due to bug bites or anything else. I don't love the idea of him being on a lot of medicine, but I didn't know if anyone had any positive or negative experiences with it. We live in the south and on the coast so there is no escaping seasonal allergies or bugs.

Re: Claritin

  • Our LO has been on an allergy medicine since February. I'm not sure the name, but I'm pretty sure it's the generic Claritin. He's on it because he got a nasty cold with wheezing, so had to have breathing treatments in October. He had several colds after that with no breathing trouble (thank goodness), until he got another cold with minor wheezing in Febuary. Instead of some sort of daily breathing treatment (which I was dreading) the doc put him on this allergy med first to see if it would prevent further problems. LO has been great since! It's a little packet of powdery stuff and we mix it with some food at dinner. Easy peasy. We haven't had any trouble at all!

    Also, I'm not a medicine person at all either. I really don't like taking meds myself, and don't love the thought of a bunch for LO either. But for us it's worth it to avoid daily breathing treatments! And, the doc said we'll probably stop it in the summer. My husband has a history of asthma and horrible allergies, so I think allergy meds might be our friend.
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