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What to give boys at a Frozen party?

So I have read the posts many times, and I know most moms HATE the dreaded goody bag, so I am trying to come up with creative solutions. I found adorable mini back packs online for the girls, but what to give the boys? I was thinking 5 dollar gift cards to an ice cream shop, a "FROZEN" treat if you will. And then a take home cup, bubbles, maybe a pencil set since most of them start school soon. Any other ideas would be helpful, I have no boys so I don't really know what they like!
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Re: What to give boys at a Frozen party?

  • I would just give them all the same thing rather than separate by sex. I know as many boys who enjoy Frozen as girls, and as many girls who enjoy ice cream as boys! How old are the kids? Until a certain age, boys are just sweet little people,just like girls.
  • They are all between 3-8. But I got the girls mini backpacks with Anna and Elsa on them, just not thinking the boys would dig those. LOL. And I know none of the boys wore the necklaces I gave last year, so that's why I was thinking of doing different things. So any ideas of what I could do for them that isn't the ice cream card? So the girls don't get upset about not getting that? Something with Olaf out there?
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  • when I was in Disney, I saw a 5 year old boy lovingly holding a plush Elsa Anna reversible doll, and plenty of other boys holding Frozen merchandise and being super excited to meet Anna and Elsa and all the other princesses.
  • My 5 yr old son likes Olaf. He's not really into Frozen that much but he likes the songs. They have Olaf stuff out there. Cups are a good idea. I've also seen "snowman kits" where you put marshmallows and chocolate drops in a Baggie. All kids love snacks! Look on Pinterest and Etsy.
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  • So I found those tumbler cups on and they were on sale for 4 bucks each! So Olaf cups it is for the boys!
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  • I own a princess party business. I would say if the boys are in the same age range as the girls I'd go with something Olaf related. Bubbles are always fun and won't go to waste. They also sell frozen packs of jelly beans. Stickers could be fun. In doubt, check out the dollar bins at Target :)
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