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Cervical biopsy question

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does anyone have experience with a cold knife come biopsy or VEEP? And becoming pregnant after? How long did you wait? Was it difficult to conceive? Help! I'd especially love to hear success/non- complicated stories... I'm freaking out

Re: Cervical biopsy question

  • Wow I haven't posted on here in FOREVER, but I popped in and saw your post so I figured I'd offer some help! I had a cold knife cone and my OBGYN "took extra" to be safe when she did it and it changed my cycle after I had the surgery. I don't want to scare you but I just wanted to let you know my experience. I did have trouble conceiving as I believe I was ovulating too early (day 10-11 vs. day 14) but I did end up trying Clomid 50 mg and it worked on the first try to help us conceive. :) Of course we had twins so it worked very well, lol, but that is my story. I also had an incompetent cervix, due to the cold knife cone AND the weight of twins and was on bed rest from about 22 weeks on. My boys made it to a little over 37 weeks and had no NICU time. :) A big surprise to most of the doctors. I did get 2nd & 3rd opinions before going through with the CKC and was told a CKC/Leep is pretty much the same thing and one vs the other is just done based on the doctor's training, so there was not much of a different outcome to be expected one way or another. I do not believe this is a common outcome of a CKC, but it was mine. I do have friends who've had it and had no trouble conceiving afterwards so I believe my case was a rarity but the good news is, we did conceive, and had two healthy boys on top of it. And I have had negative paps for 2 years following it, so I am glad I did it. I also had Level III CIN (the highest level) so that may have been why my OBGYN took "extra" as a precaution, which may not be your case. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck momma!
  • I had a LEEP procedure in January, 6 months post delivery.  I still haven't had a period since I gave birth 10 months ago and I'm not using any form of birth control and I am still not pregnant.  If I'm not preggers by LO's first birthday then I'm going to have my hormone levels checked since early menopause runs in my family.  My doctor told me, though, that once my cervix healed after the LEEP that no one would even be able to tell I'd had it.  She said that cervical tissue is like a finger nail in that it grows back.  I haven't experienced any issues that I know of since having the LEEP.  I am EBF so that could be one reason for no periods and I had irregular ones to begin with so I haven't been too concerned about it.  Good luck!
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  • Let me begin by saying that I can only speak from my own experience. I had a LEEP & thankfully my dr/surgeon did such a great job that you couldn't tell by examination I had the procedure done, the only way a healthcare provider was able to tell I had the procedure was measuring my cervix via ultrasound. I had issues during my pregnancy BUT NONE WERE DUE TO THE LEEP! So that's great news! I have never heard that the cervical tissue "grows like a fingernail".
    I'm mainly sharing my experience to let you know there is hope & that everyone is so different. Good luck!!!
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