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12 Week Old Sleep Regression?

This is more for my sanity and not feeling so alone, but our 12 week old goes down by 9, wakes around 12-1, then again at 3, then AGAIN at 5, and again between 6-8. When he was around 8 weeks old, he was doing 6-8 hour stretches, and now this! I feel like I am a failure as a mom because I can't get my baby to sleep! I don't know what I am doing wrong, but it's probably a combination of things. He had RSV, then a double ear infection. Now he's healthy and breaking out of his swaddle, still nurses to sleep at night. Letting him cry doesn't work; even if he does fall asleep from crying he will sleep like crap and wake up in 30 minutes.  I think I need a refill at the patience station. It doesn't help when I hear moms that say their baby sleeps in 8-10 hour stretches by now. Not fair!

Re: 12 Week Old Sleep Regression?

  • I read it starts anywhere btwn 3 and 5 months. Then again around 8, 12, & 18 mths. #joy

    My 3mth old goes down around 7/8pm and sleeps until around 2am. Then wakes every 2 hrs either to eat or have her paci. Which makes for a tired momma.
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  • You aren't doing anything wrong at all. I hate hearing moms that think that! Babies change constantly, especially sleep patterns. Once you get used to something, they change and most of the time there is NOTHING you can do about it but power through.

    Adjust your expectations and you won't get so frustrated. Naps suck and night time sleep gets seriously messed up starting at 4 months old. This is totally normal.

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    This is normal! Normal, normal, normal. You aren't failing at all, in fact it sounds like you are meeting his needs. Some babies just don't sleep all through the night for a while. My 23 month old still wakes once a night. Hugs.

    Also, just because he had a period of sleeping longer a few weeks really isn't enough time to set a new standard to. He is so little that a "normal" hadn't really been established yet. And I've always found with both my kids (1 great sleeper, 1 crappy sleeper) that being sick recently means all bets are off in any sort of sleep pattern for a little while. Hang in there.

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  • I'm going through this during the day now. My LO will be 12 weeks old tomorrow and naps during the day have basically disappeared and she's been staying up later and later. I'm starting to think she's teething early due to the excessive drooling, rubbing of the mouth, and constantly wanting to suck. I don't remember this happening with my older two kids but that's probably an evolutionary tactic to trick you into reproducing again. I feel your pain, I'm going cross eyed with tiredness.
  • There were a couple of times where my LO woke up in the middle of the night--but I gave myself a rule, if she cried for 5 minutes, I'd peek in and make sure that her head wasn't face down, then I let her cry for 5 more minutes (a total of 10 minutes), which felt like FOREVER and if she cried more than that, then I'd come in and soothe her.

    Most times, before 10 minutes were up, she soothe herself then go back to sleep.

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