Recovery from 2nd C-section

Hello Ladies-

I will be 12 weeks post partum on Wednesday.  This was my second c-section and seem to be healing more slowly than the first.  With my first I was back running after my 6 week check.  This time around it seems to be taking longer.  My lower tummy is a bit sore to the touch when I try to put on soap or lotion  and this whole weekend it was just sore in general with moving.  I did go for a longer walk on Saturday morning than normal and had a sick 2 year old that wanted to be held quite a bit.  So i'm thinking the extra soreness is my bodies response to those things and telling me I over did it.  I did also hemorrhage after this section and had to go back into surgery for a D&C so am wondering if that has possibly delayed the healing proccess as well.  I'm just wondering, for those of you who had repeat sections, if it took longer to fully heal after each one.  I've been too nervous to actually truly work out and have done aboslutely no ab exercises yet either, but i'm starting to get antsy.  It is starting to get nice out and I want to be able to do more!  Thanks for any feedback :)   

Re: Recovery from 2nd C-section

  • I healed more quickly after my second c-section.  However, I labored with my first for 24 hours before having the section, while my second was scheduled.  There was also an incident where the nurse gave me a hefty dose of laxatives after my first which was horrible.  I feel that really put a damper on my recovery. 

    I'm guessing the d&c had an impact on your recovery, but I'd contact your doctor just in case. 
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