I miss this board being active! — The Bump

I miss this board being active!

Who's around? I'd love to see this board go back to being active like it was before!

I'm here and checking in!

We got our first foster placement a month ago. We have always been looking to adopt but we had this strong feeling that we couldn't pass this placement up for some reason. I'm so glad we made that decision. Over the last month we've bonded tremendously with him. We've also found out a lot about his family and unfortunately they are not good for him. We have a court date in May after our first court date was rescheduled because the judge didn't have time to hear the case that day. Our foster son's guardian ad litem has recommended that he be placed with us permanently with the option to adopt. The DSS attorney has a similar recommendation and our caseworker is struggling with the case. She's fairly new and she wants him to be with us but she also wants to make sure the family is 1000% not what's best so she feels like she is doing her job the best she can which we understand. So for now we wait. If the situation with the family wasn't so bad and ongoing we would be so happy to have them reunite but there's no way to avoid his life being endangered. This has been so hars but he is all worth it! Sorry for the long ramble and thanks if you read it all :-)
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