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Projects around the house

There's nothing like a party to get my husband and I excited to start new projects around the house. We've been in our house for two years and have updated many rooms.
For Caroline's party, we have planted new sod, planted a flower bed, installed a mud room in our entryway, put up new curtains, and cleaned the house like crazy.
I can't be the only one inspired to do these things because of guests.

What have you done to your house lately? I'll post a pic of the mudroom when it's finished. I'm so proud!

Re: Projects around the house

  • We just moved in to our first home last September and our house was in serious need of updating. It is a trilevel and we completely redid the downstairs family room, remodeled the nursery, turned the spare bedroom into a toy room and redid all of the outdoor landscaping. All of this within the last 2 months! We are exhausted but 5 more days till her party and we can relax a while before starting our other outdoor projects! 

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  • We painted a wall in our living room and rearranged furniture. Doesn't seem like much but for how much my husband HATES painting, I'll take it as a win!!!
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  • We finally got a few things up on the walls, like a painting we got for our wedding 6+ years ago that needed to be reframed. Plus we just finished the kids bathroom:
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  • Glad to have some fellow DIYers! Nice bathroom @ksulli.
  • Forget projects for guests! I just don't invite anyone over. Joking... Kind of.
  • Lol I thought this would be a thread about projects on my list of stuff to do, and was like oh boy, where to start! Ha ha

    In the past year or two, we've built a walk in closet in our master bedroom (it had no closet at all-century home), had the roof done (hired a company for this), built a large dining room table, built a desk for DH, refinished a dresser, painted the playroom.

    On the list: make new curtains for the master bedroom, repaint front porch and front door, paint the outside of the laundry room addition, redo the patio, haul junk to the dump, general yard cleanup and reseed the whole backyard.

    On the dream/long term list: new kitchen counters, completely demo and rebuild laundry room addition, reinsulate kitchen crawl space.
  • Before DD - tons of house projects. Now - we are lucky if we vacuum the carpets.

    In all seriousness,mwe finally got someone to come paint the rest of the doors in our house.mwe had those ugly, flat brown ones with the brass door knobs when we moved in. We painted all the trim in the house white, but could only afford to replace the doors one at a time. By the time DD arrived, I still had to paint nine doors, and I work full time. I finally begged/bitched enough that my husband got painters for me as a Christmas present. They got it done in one day, and the final product looked WAY better than my doors! I was so thrilled!
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