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7 year old adhd??

My DC is 7 years old, she has always been an active little girl. Preschool and kindergarten never had any issues. Even now in 1st grade nothing ever major. In the past couple months I had noticed that her handwriting has become messier as if she is rushing. Same thing when she does her homework I feel like she rushes and selects the wrong answer and when I go over it with she gives the correct answer. This past week I got a call from her teacher addressing her concern about DD rushing thru her school work but if she takes here aside and does it one on one she gets a perfect score. And also mentioned how her handwriting as become messy. She stated that she didn't see this the 1st 2 quarters. And at 1st was giving her the benefit of the doubt and thought maybe the winder weather has gotten to her. But she is just concerned. She does not act out in class or anything she said she is very sweet, caring and always participating when questions are asked. I know DD always tries to rush thru things when other kids are involved and go to do something else she wants to go to. I know she is currently sitting next to the top student in her class and she does see the reading specialist twice a week to help her with her reading. Which her teacher told me she is doing so much better and is very happy with her progress. I asked if maybe she thought dd has ADHA or is it what I think that she is just rushing bc the students she is sitting with are much faster than her so she rushes to keep up so she is not the last one to be done with her work. She told me she didn't think so but I could bring it up to her pedi the concern I have. She is going to be switching all the kids seats soon and said she was going to try and put her next to the slowest working student in the class and see if maybe DD takes her time bc now she won't feel like she needs to rush etc. She learns everything very quickly and picks up quickly. Not really sure why she is rushing. Does anyone thing she may have ADHD? She is a very picky eater  will not eat any fruits or veggies bascially eats the same stuff all the time and will not take any multi vitamins as she will not eat gummies or hard candies. I cannot find any liquid vitamins, I did just find one called Natural Vitality Calm Multi vitamin in a liquid form. Not sure if I should try this or just wait a few weeks and see what her teachers says after she changes all the seats around and see how she does.I know her teacher is tough. And I feel bad bc DD always loved school to the point she would get upset with us during school vacations bc she didn't have school. Know she tells our youngest to enjoy preschool bc 1st grade is not fun its work, work, work from the time she starts until she goes home. LOL. I know school has changed so much from when I was in 1st grade and I do feel bad for these kids bc they are expected to learn so much in these grades it's crazy. Should I wait a few weeks and take her to get ADHD evaluated? or try a liquid multi?

Re: 7 year old adhd??

  • I'm sure you could find a doctor to give your daughter an ADHD diagnosis if you wanted, but I certainly wouldn't want to head down that path if my daughter's only issues were messy handwriting and rushing through assignments. I'm also not sure what vitamins have to do with this??
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