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Am I strong enough to baby wear?

I love the idea of baby wearing, but I am concerned that I won't be able to do it for very long periods at all. I am very petite and have trouble with shoulder/back pain when I use back packs or large purses.

Re: Am I strong enough to baby wear?

  • There are a lot of ergonomic baby carriers available. I would look for a local babwesring group. You can go to a meeting and try using different carriers. Most groups allow you to borrow a carrier if you're a paid member.
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  • Ditto PP. Also, it is a weight-bearing activity. If you start small (newborn) your muscles will grow to accommodate an older, heavier baby. Parenting, in general, is a strengthening activity: carrying baby, holding baby to nurse or bottle feed, etc. You'll really feel it in your shoulders no matter if you wear or not. The beauty of ergonomic babywearing, though, is that it distributes the baby's weight over more of your body than just the arms. I have some physical issues and when I couldn't carry DD1 and walk without pain, I was able to wear and make it through.
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  • Yes, absolutely! There are many carries with a wrap that feel weightless.

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  • I have scoliosis and carry my 12 pounder in my Ergo with no issues. After about 45 minutes I get some pain between my neck/shoulders but the more often I wear her the better it gets.
  • Yes! The way I think about daughter is 21 lb. now......I gained 43 pounds when I was pregnant. Even now I'm carrying 1/2 the weight! :)  If you start when they are small with an ergonomic carrier you should be fine. :)

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    Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm thinking that I'll start with the Boba wrap and then switch to the Boba 4g when baby is bigger. Do these seem like reasonable choices?
  • I own the Boba Wrap and the Ergobaby Classic carrier (kind of like the Boba 4g, is my understanding). DS was born 7 lb 2 oz and is now 14 lbs. Even though the Boba Wrap is my go to carrier, I find that as DS gets heavier, it puts a bigger strain on my back. The Ergobaby, on the other hand, transfers most of the weight to the hips like a frame pack. I do find the Ergobaby to be annoying to put on with the infant insert, especially when putting on/ taking off several times a day.
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