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What should I tell the lawyer?

brinarozebrinaroze member
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I'm at the beginning of my divorce. I had my first meeting with my lawyer, and he gave me some "homework" to do. I have to write a Marital History, answering all kinds of questions ranging from financial situation to how the marriage went bad.

My ex often left his computer on, open, and totally at anyone's access. When we started having problems, I looked at his Facebook account and some of his emails. I learned through his email that he had placed Craigslist personal ads and joined a "Married but Still Looking" group. These are things the lawyer might want to know, even though my state is a "no fault". I'm worried, though, that it might tread on some sticky legal situations and I might get in trouble.

Anyone have any experience? I hear of women looking/snooping all the time. Just wondering if it's as bad as I fear.
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