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Saturday poll

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did you breastfeed? How long?

Saturday poll 50 votes

Not at all
2% 1 vote
less than 1 month
4% 2 votes
1-3 months
8% 4 votes
4-6 months
12% 6 votes
7-9 months
10% 5 votes
10-12 months
12% 6 votes
weaning now
26% 13 votes
Still going and no signs of weaning
26% 13 votes

Re: Saturday poll

  • I put weaning now, but it's a very gradual wean. I imagine it will be several months before I stop completely. We're currently at 4 nursings per day, but it looks like we might be dropping to 3.
  • I put still going, but that's not entirely true. We are down to morning and bedtime, and sometimes middle of the night. But I have no plans to stop those sessions at this point. We'll just see how it goes. I didn't think I'd go past a year. Now I'm saying I won't go past two. :)
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  • I wish I could have kept going, but I was almost all dried out by 8 months... the annoying part is that I still get a little milk when I squeeze!

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  • My lactation consultant was at the other clinic and I had to use the one where I delivered and she was worthless. She didn't even stay after DD couldn't latch.
  • still going but going to try and wean soon
  • My supply plummeted in the 8th month but I kept going in the morning and at night up while supplementing until about 2 weeks ago. Haven't bf in a week now and thank goodness no pain!
  • I went to five months. Breastfeeding really stressed me out and formula feeding made me so much happier and fit better with our lifestyle. Next time around I'll probably pump for awhile instead.
  • Made I to 3 months before my supply dropped so much it wasn't worth it anymore. I was supplementing by 2 months. No regrets!
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  • LO wouldn't latch at.all. I tried exclusive pumping and was successful but then we got thrush really bad and it killed my supply. I tried relactation a couple of months later but it didn't work. Breast feeding wasn't something I was super passionate about but I really enjoyed it once I did it. It killed me that it didn't work out and I still have a lot of guilt over it.
  • ^ what she said! Seriously I beat myself up about my breast feeding difficulties a lot... But I shouldn't have, I did all that I was able to do and no matter what, my baby was (and still is) well fed and well loved.

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  • @Sporty1216, well said!! Love it!!

    I voted weaning now...we're down to just morning and night (and middle of the night wake ups). I'm not sure how long we'll stay at this point. I'm not ready to stop just yet! I like the snuggles :)
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