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PISA vs Freestyle vs Hygeia vs Spectra

If you could get any of these without worry of price which would you pick?
I don't want Ameda because I didn't respond well to it last time and personal preferance. I did respond very well to the Medela Symphony I used and even their hand pump I did better with than the Ameda. I've just never used any of these so I'm curious what you all think and experiances with any of them.

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Re: PISA vs Freestyle vs Hygeia vs Spectra

  • tncastncas
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    I went with the spectra after much research it seems like the best option as far as maintenance and hygiene. Check out BabyGearLab.com/Breast-Pump-Reviews (I can't insert the link sorry) and my insurance covered 100% of the cost.
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