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new to this boards but I don't know where else to go for this...
My daughter (2 1/2) will not eat anything but goldfish, and fruit snacks I dont know what else to do I have been wasting so much food trying to get her to eat other things...she puts it in her mouth and then spits it out she will not even eat things she use to eat..and I dont get it. what are some good good ideas you do your your 2 yr old?

Re: eating

  • Just stop buying Goldfish and fruit snacks.Offer her bites of whatever you are eating, and don't freak out too much if she declines.
  • Just keep offering. Offer her healthy food choices. If she takes 1-2 bites let it go. Offer it again and see if she will take more. Instead of fruit snacks by some fresh fruit like any type of berries. Sometimes my daughter won't eat it off her plate but when she sees me eating she will it the same food off my plate. Toddlers go through stages sometimes. My daughter used to love grilled cheese sandwiches now she barely eats them.
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  • A child will not let themselves starve. She knows that she can refuse everything except for what she wants so that's what she does. This is very common for toddlers so offer healthy meals, with one thing on the plate you know she likes and let her make the decisions. If you stick to your guns and are consistent then she will figure out that she has to eat what you provide or she'll be hungry.
  • My toddler has been this way for 6 months the more u give in the more she will want things her way..I just started to stop giving in and we had two days of barely eating but now she is trying new things ..hang in there
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