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Sippy cups

Hi, my son is currently using a rubber tipped sippy cup. It's similar material to a bottle nipple. It's designed for 12+ months so I'm assuming that it's not necessarily bad to still be using at 18 months but I'd like to move onto a straw cup. He enjoys straw cups and also uses this cool cup that teaches how to sip from a regular cup without spilling. No idea what it's called. However, I like him to get a certain amount of milk and he won't drink enough from the other cups. He will drink every last drop if he uses the rubbed tipped one. Is it okay to keep using the rubbed tipped sippy cups? Is it doing any harm? How do I transition to an alternative cup and get him to drink it all? He only likes to take tiny sips of water from the other cups. It would take him all day to drink 8 oz from the non-sippy cups. Again, hope I'm making sense :) thanks.

Re: Sippy cups

  • As long as he is learning to use "normal" cups there isn't a problem. You are still teaching new things so not only is he learning but he is getting his fluids. Our concern was DD teeth shifting from the sippy/straw cups. So we asked the dentist and he reassured us that it is just fine. so long as LO has moved to regular cups by the time his/her adult teeth come in.
  • We give our DD a bottle of milk in the morning and evening to make sure she gets enough but make her use sippy/tippy/straw cups throughout the day. I figure once she starts drinking enough from the sippy/tippy/straw cups we will do away with the morning and evening bottles but Im not rushing it. DD is currently 17 months.
  • Our little guy is the same. He will drain a bottle or rubber tiped Nuk cup but only sips on straw or hard tip cups. So we give water in those and milk in bottles/nuks morning and night.
  • Same here. DS has an outright tantrum if I give him a sippy in the morning. He doesn't drink much from them so I give him bottles in the morning a just before bed. The pedi told me to just cut the bottles but he keeps getting sick and teething so I put his meds in there.
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