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Okay so i have a soon to be three year old and he has not eatten for two days now. I checked his temp just now and it was 99.5. I have to go into work for a little bit tomorrow but my dad said he would keep an eye on him for me. Im thinking if he does not eat tomorrow that i will take him. Am i over reacting or would you moms do the same.

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  • The fever wouldn't concern me, but the lack of eating would. I wouldn't go to the ER or anything, but a trip to the pediatrician's office wouldn't hurt.
  • Is he not eating at all or just taking 1-2 bites here and there? Is he drinking anything? I agree not eating is concerning but if he's drinking fluids okay, maybe make some smoothies? You can use a milk, juice or yogurt as a base with fresh fruit. I would definitely call the pediatrician's office as well.
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  • not eating at all or not eating and drinking at all? Have you tried Pedialyte? At 3 1/2 I feel like there should be some basic communication. Has LO told you that he is not feeling well? tummy hurts/head hurts/ bottom hurts? Does he just lay around or is he lethargic?
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