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Enfmail Gentlease = More gassy??

My son is almost a month old. We were doing a combination or breast feeding (from my pumped milk) and formula feeding. We switched to formula only about a week ago. We started using the Enfamil gentlease right off that bat. Now, I know that formula fed babies tend to be more gassy, but my son seems to be straining and just showing general signs of discomfort for periods when needing to poo or pass gas.

Is it possible that the gentlease is making him more gassy??? When we were doing breastmilk and formula, he was getting Enfamil new born formula at night and breastmilk during the day. He didn't seem as gassy or fussy then.

Should I try going back to the Newborn formula? Has anyone else experienced this?


Re: Enfmail Gentlease = More gassy??

  • If you google it you will find about half say yes it does cause gas. Our LO was extremely gassy after moving to gerber gentle and even one of the sensitive ones...a formula made for gassy babies.

    Our dr told us to try soy and since starting it her gas rarely rears its ugly head. But I have often wondered about if we had stayed on the newborn formula would she had been as gassy.
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