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LO not drinking enough?

So I had to stop breastfeeding early due to some circumstances (please no why did you stop comments). He's been breastfed for over seven months and won't take a bottle. He will drink some formula or expressed milk from a sippy cup or a regular cup. I sneak some in his food as well. I know he's not getting the recommended 20-24 oz. anyone else in this boat or have dealt with this in the past? Thanks!

Re: LO not drinking enough?

  • I BF and pump and my LO sometimes doesn't drink the recommended amount. I do like you do and sneak it in here and there. I think it depends on mood/teething etc. I have read that if you try and give less more often then that could work instead of large amounts at one time. Good Luck Mama!
  • Thanks!!! It's at least comforting to know I'm not the only one!
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  • My DD can drink any where from 16oz to 26oz a day depending on a bunch of things. If you DS is having enough wet diapers a day (6 to 8) then he is fine. I just go with the flow and if i am too worried then i ask my dr. 


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