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kid #2 on the way: need ideas as 1st kid TOO crazy to count as "been there done that I got this"

Upon finding out we're expecting #2, the hubs replied with "yay! This time we pack formula and a pacifier for the hospital!"

See, with the 1st I insisted on trying to BF. I did everything I could & 3 months in, our little guy was diagnosed with reflux & food allergies so bad we ended up on prescription formula. To make matters worse, the poor little guy was so turned off from eating, by 5 months, the specialist contemplated a Gtube. At 9 months, solids were a miserable experience for everyone. Early intervention services began at 6 months & it made things almost bearable. Between the lack of sleep, round the clock feedings until he was 18 months old, & the nonstop "wait, you still allergic to this?" threw me into such PPD that I'm desperate not to repeat. Our son will be 2.5 yo in June & while we've learned to just "roll with it" isn't easy.

If all goes well, #2 arrives in Nov 2015. Yes, it is WAY too early for me to be thinking of feeding... But I can't have a repeat of the 1st kid's year for #2. I have had numerous dreams where I'm nursing the new baby (& our 2 year old!) since find out out we're expecting. Part of me wants to try again... But the rational part of me knows FF is what is best for everyone in our family.

But.... How do you pick one? I think I have trust issues with feeding a baby.... LOL
Doing my best to make a happy home for my two favorite guys & eagerly awaiting the arrival our #2 in Nov '15.

Re: kid #2 on the way: need ideas as 1st kid TOO crazy to count as "been there done that I got this"

  • Bless your heart!! And here I thought trying to find a formula to combat LOs horrible gas trouble was bad enough.

    We tried BF with our first and she would never latch on. So with each of the girls after the first (we have 4) we automatically chose to FF. For us it is just easier. Although there is multiple times I wish I would have pumped at least.
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  • You just rock! Good for you on everything.

    We did trial and error with formula. Baby B was really constipated or pukey on most stuff. I really felt like some of the brands just smelled so awful I hated feeding it to them. We ended up with Hipp Organic Stage 1. It's tough to find but they have just thrived on it.

    No matter what you do, however you feed your baby, your choice will be just fine. Good luck!
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