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39 weeks with no signs of labor

im so anxious to meet and hold my baby.! But I've had very few contractions, I'm not dilated at all, and I have no other signs of labor. Does this mean he'll be a late baby? Will they have to induce my labor? I want to have a natural birth, no c-section, no epidural, nada, is that possible when a baby is late?

Re: 39 weeks with no signs of labor

  • I am in the same boat.. My due date is next Wednesday and I am scheduled to be induced on that date.. He is head down just taking his time which in theory is good for his development. Hang in there. I would check with doctor on all of your options.
  • I'm happy I did not have to wait to be induced, baby came on his own 40 weeks 4 days. My doctor would not discuss induction until after 41 weeks. I did have an epidural after 10 hours of labor when it became excruciating back labor because of baby's position against the spine.
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  • Talk to your doctor about their induction practices if you are concerned.

    You can go from nothing to labor to baby in a matter of hours.  39w with no signs of labor for a first time mom is not surprising.

    DD 7/2010, DS 3/2012, #3 due 4/24/2015

  • I was 39w no dilation too. Doctor ordered a growth scan to check weight and fluid levels. Baby isn't too big and everything looked great, so I refused to be induced at 40w2d but I may choose to be induced at 41 weeks. You can always say no. Ill get checked tomorrow at 40w1d to see how dilated I am. Sometimes 1st time moms go a little past their due date. It's best to give yourself more time to dilate. I've been walking a lot (too much) but I gave myself shin splints. Try using a labor/ birthing ball.
  • It's very normal with your first child to not be dialated yet. Babies tend to not even drop for FTMs until labour begins. My first was 40+3 and came all on his own and I wasn't even dilated when I got to the hospital. Unfortunately no one can promise that your birth plan will go exactly as you want just try to relax. Baby has a birth plan of his/her own
  • Try to relax. You won't be pregnant forever, even though that's how it feels :)
  • Im a FTM and am 40+3 playing the waiting game. No crazy contractions or signs of labor at all. I'm scheduled to be induced on Friday if it doesn't happen on its own. At this point, I'm just happy theres a definite birthday coming in 2 days and he/she has had some extra time to cook and be as heathy as can be!
  • Just because you're not dilated doesn't mean anything. At 38w I was 3cm. 39w yesterday and I'm now 4cm, but still not in labor! Doctor says it just goes to show that there is no predicting what our bodies will do. Hang in there ladies!
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