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Switching to Tricare Standard - Langley

Hello ladies,

I moved to the US last year and as I am from the UK, insurance is a new concept for me!

I'm currently going to the Women's Clinic at AFB Langley, however as we live in Williamsburg I would like to change to a provider closer to home. 

Could anyone tell me the  general out of pocket costs of switching to Standard for pregnancy and labor. I'm a bit confused about new-born care and the costs involved if my baby has to stay in the NICU. Is there a cap on annual charges?

Does anyone have any experience of Sentera in Williamsburg? 

Thank you!

Re: Switching to Tricare Standard - Langley

  • If you go to there website it will give you a breakdown for out of pocket cost. I just switched over and didn't pay anything for my OB visit or labs but it depends on the clinic. I'm having my baby at a hospital my friend recommended to me...her 3 day stay along with some unforeseen issues post delivery cost $35. We are at Ft Bragg but hopefully that gives you a little bit of an idea.
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  • I would call tricare and ask about the cost difference, but i know it can be costly if you end up with complications, also if your far enough away from a military base you should be able to see a civillian, but if i were you i would stay with Langley, i loved them!

    Also i used to work for riverside health system while we were stationed there, sentara is a great hospital, but Riverside has a better prenatal department if you were to have complications, they are in Newport News, so closer than Hampton...

    Unless you have cause for concern, i would stick with Langley! :-)
    Good luck!

    Started TTC in 2006, LOTS of trying, and trying, and 7 rounds of IVF with 13 embryos, 2 perfect little boys and 5 loses....
    All finished with babies, started to make diet changes, Keto, to be MORE for my kids, lost 30 pounds, still going, and 3 months in, I had a natural cycle, and then ovulated... Hubs and I are going to see what happens now... Maybe a natural pregnancy? After everything we have been through? Or just a return to normal hormones? We shall see what the future holds!

    Baby Dust To All!!!

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  • Everything is covered under their Maternity coverage on tricare standard. That being said if your doctor tells you to go to the ER to get checked if you have a blood clot you will still have a co-pay. From my understanding Tricare pays one lump sum to the ob of your choice so all your appointments and things are covered and if you go to labor and delivery at the hospital that is cover anything other than that your stuck with a copay.
  • I'm on tri-care standard and I'm pregnant with my fourth. I have paid nothing at all. I even recently went to the ER because of bleeding and didn't have to co-pay. The only difference I saw is when my husband had to get a prescription he had to pay a small copay
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