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What to do for pneumonia cough?

Hello all, SAHM mom of a 3 and 4 year old. 2 weeks ago my girls picked up a nasty bug at a birthday party, high fevers at first, took them in and was told it was just a virus. A week later this nasty cough started, and took them back in to find out they have pneumonia. We have been on amoxicillin for about 5 days, but my little one's cough just won't stop! I've tried honey, steam showers, humidifier at night, saline, she's drinking fluids like crazy, but poor baby just can't stop coughing. Anyone have anything else that would work? Doc said to come back after we took the 10 days of meds if it doesn't improve, and I read online that the cough can last for weeks, but she's pretty much coughing non stop all day long with very few breaks. I feel terrible! Any help is appreciated!
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